Pell Grant Qualifications 2011 - 2012

Due to recent changes in federal regulations, eligible students can now receive two Pell Grants within one award year, if they meet certain criteria. The purpose of implementing the Two Pell Grants in One Award Year option is to give students the opportunity to accelerate progress toward their degree by giving access to Pell Grant funding each quarter attended. If you enroll in summer sessions in addition to the academic year, you will be offered a 2nd Pell Grant for spring that is based on the assumption that you will accelerate your education. Students who are awarded a 2nd Pell Grant and fail to accelerate will be required to pay the Pell Grant award amount back.
2011-2012 Pell Grant Qualifications for Two Pell Grants

Students that meet the below qualifications will be eligible to receive two Pell Grants in the current 2011 - 2012 academic year:

  Meet all eligibility criteria for Pell Grant

  Have exhausted the entire first scheduled Pell Grant award

  Earn greater than 36 credit hours (37+) in the 2011-2012 award year.

  Take at least 6 credit hours in the term the 2nd scheduled Pell Grant is awarded

  Remain eligible to receive federal financial aid by maintaining the Standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress.
To qualify for a Pell Grant for the 2011-2012 school year, you must be considered low income and have a low EFC score.  The EFC (Expected Family Contribution) score is based on:

  Cost of Attendance

Student Income Levels

Student Enrollment Status (Part-Time/Full-Time Student)

Length of school program.

The lower your EFC score, the higher probability of you receiving a Pell Grant.  An EFC sore of 0 will give you the full Pell Grant award amount of $5,550 for the full year, which breaks down to $2,775 if your financial aid office distributes Pell Grant award amount twice a year.
Pell Grant Qualifications