Pell Grant For College

The Pell Grant is a great option for students that attend an accredited Title IV post-secondary institution, which includes community colleges, junior colleges, trade school, and universities.  Title IV post-secondary institutions are schools that meet the federal financial aid standards that are set by the federal government to receive federal financial aid.  The following qualifications must be met to be eligible for a Pell Grant,

Pell Grant for College Qualifications

1.  Considered low-income
2.  Pursuing first baccalaureate degree. 
3.  Have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED)
4.  Completed no more than 12 semesters in post-secondary course work
5.  Complete the FAFSA Application
6.  Attend a community college that is eligible to receive Title IV funding
7.  US Citizen
8.  Not in default on previous student loans (Private, Stafford, or Perkins student loan)
9.  No prior convicted felons

Pell Grant for Community College

It may be difficult for community college students to receive the Pell Grant, since the cost of attendance at a community college is much lower compared to other public and private 4-year universities.  The cost of attendance, which is just one of many factors used to calculate the Pell Grant eligibility, includes tuition costs and other direct school related expenses.  Students that attend schools with low Cost of Attendance have a lower chance of receiving a federal Pell Grant. 

Pell Grant for Trade School Students

Students that meet all the above qualifications can only receive the Pell Grant for no more than 12 semesters.  Students can use their funds for anything school related, such as textbooks, computers, tuition, or any of the other many school related expenses students experience throughout the year.  Trade schools tend to cost more than community colleges, so students have a greater chance of receiving a Pell Grant then if enrolled in a community college.  Trade schools consists of Art & Design, mechanic, welding, and any other profession that requires employees to have knowledge and skills in their daily work duties. 

Pell Grant for Private and Public University Students

Students that attend a four-year college or university may be eligible for a Pell Grant.  Students must be considered low-income and meet all the Pell Grant qualifications above.  If you are enrolled in a four-year education program then you should discuss your financial aid options with your schoolís financial aid department. 

All students must complete and submit the FAFSA for the upcoming school year.  The FAFSA takes into consideration the studentís income level, all family assets, cost of attendance, and number of family members currently in school to determine if the applicant is eligible for a Pell Grant.  The FAFSA, an acronym for Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is the only application that the Federal Government uses to determine an applicantís financial aid package.  To learn more about the FAFSA, please contact your schoolís financial aid office.
Pell Grant Qualifications