2014-2015 Pell Grant Amount

The 2014-2015 Maximum Pell Grant Award amount is $5,730.  Qualifying applicants with an EFC score of 0 will receive the maximum amount. Both the EFC (Expected Family Contribution) and the studentís CoA (Cost of Attendance) are factored together to determine the qualifying studentís Pell Grant award amount. 

Students that have a high Cost of Attendance will qualify for a higher Pell Grant award amount.  The determined award amount must be equal to or lower than the studentís Cost of Attendance.

Once the award amount is determined, the studentís financial aid office will distribute the final award.  All Pell Grant funds first pay for the studentís tuition and fees.  Any remaining funds will be distributed to the student.
FAFSA Determines the Pell Grant Award Amount

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) determines the EFC score.  The FAFSA takes into consideration:

Family Income
Family Assets
Cost of Attendance
Total Family Members in School
This financial / family information is used in a calculation to determine if a student truly needs federal financial aid assistance.

The FAFSA is completely free and can be completed online or through paper form.  Most students complete their application online.  Once the application is completed online, students will need a FAFSA PIN to submit their application to the Department of Education.  Students that donít have access to a computer can complete their application through paper form.

Weíve provided a Pell Grant award chart to determine how much youíll be eligible to receive for the 2014 - 2015 school year.
Pell Grant Qualifications